Halogen Free Products

 Why use Halogen Free Products

Halogen free and some other special products, are necessary or even imperative when the primary goal is to safe-guard human life and there is a pressing need to protect property.

Halogen Free Products application

Halogen free products are gradually and increasingly applied where a potential fi re may have fatal results, e.g. Public buildings, underground railways, airplanes, ships, etc., as well as other equipment systems, the destruction of which may have tremendous financial consequences.

Halogen Free properties

  1. Flame retardation
  2. Low smoke emission
  3. Zero toxic or corrosive gas emissions.

Results of use of Halogen Free products

High resistance to the initiation of fi re or restriction of its propagation.

Increase of visibility and easier identification of escape routes during a fi re incident.

Low toxicity fields during the escape from closed spaces, in case of fi re.

Safety of equipment and installations against the emission of toxic or corrosive gases.